From time to time, we have been called upon to mediate matrimonial and family issues and disputes. Our thorough knowledge of the law, our thoughtfulness, and our level-headedness, are
available to provide this alternative method of dispute resolution.

When mediating, our lawyers are absolutely neutral, with no agenda other than to help parties resolve their matters. We can, after exploring and examining the facts, if necessary with other professionals such as accountants and appraisers, assess with confidence a likely range in which a court could be expected to impose its ruling. We will not subscribe to an agreement which we do not believe is within that range.

The potential benefits of mediation include avoiding the animosity and cost which can sometimes accompany the adversarial, litigation-based model. It is especially effective when confidentiality is desired, as no issues or allegations will be aired in a courtroom, or when children are involved, as critical lines of communication are fostered.

Many – but not all – couples can benefit from mediation. If you’d like to explore this alternative, give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment to answer your questions and describe our program, regardless of whether a case has already been started, or whether you or your spouse are just contemplating one. We won’t promise you that this will be quick or easy, but we will promise to assist you and your spouse to reach an agreement which fully and fairly resolves your issues, and is within what our substantial knowledge and experience tells us is the range which you could expect from a court after months or years of litigation.